Power Bleaching

Use our power bleaching services to reinvigorate a smile tainted by discoloration

Having a beautiful smile is easier than you think. With our simple power bleaching procedure, most people achieve the look they desire.

This procedure is inexpensive, quick, and safe — it restores brightness, brings your smile to life, corrects tooth staining, and is suitable for people of all ages.

Power bleaching is one of the most effective methods for correcting tooth discoloration, which may have been caused by aging, staining, or chemical damage to teeth. At Jorge L. Dominguez D.M.D & Associates, we use the latest in bleaching technology to offer a safe procedure for creating a brilliant, beautiful smile. While veneers or crowns may be best in cases of severe tooth discoloration, bleaching treatments — due to their low cost — are always worth a try.

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Power bleaching is often completed in one session, allowing patients to witness instant results. Often, power bleaching uses an activating laser or light, hydrogen peroxide, and requires a tissue dam or rubber dam to be placed to safeguard the gums.

Generally, people with healthy teeth and gums that are looking to brighten up their smile may benefit from power bleaching. Plus, it’s effective for removing stains caused due to tetracycline, tea, coffee, tobacco, and other food stains. Power bleaching wouldn’t affect your existing dental work.

With power bleaching, patients see immediate results in the clinic — your teeth get whiter instantly. Power bleaching is perfectly safe for your teeth.

The effects of power bleaching aren’t permanent. People who eat foods that lead to staining may see the whiteness fading in just one month. Those who avoid such foods and drinks may see the effects last for about a year or more before another touch-up is required.

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