Root Canals

Save your teeth and relieve dental pain with our root canal treatment in Miami

If you have an infection or inflammation in the roots of your tooth, a root canal treatment can help. . At Jorge L. Dominguez D.M.D & Associates, we can perform a safe root canal treatment in Miami.

During this treatment, one of our Miami root canal specialists will get rid of the pulp within the tooth, disinfect, clean, and shape the root canals, and seal the space by placing a filling.

With a considerably high success rate, root canal procedures are considered the most effective way to save and retain a tooth that has been severely compromised by injury or dental decay.

Since a natural, healthy dentition supports your overall health and well-being, root canal therapy is a routine and highly recommended procedure. At Jorge L. Dominguez D.M.D & Associates, we use the latest technology to offer gentle, precise care to help patients maintain beautiful, healthy smiles.

Delaying the procedure increases the risk of developing more symptoms. Give us a call now or request a dental appointment with us; we’ll be glad to help you out!

It’s a procedure that dentists use if a tooth is badly fractured or decayed. If left untreated, the tooth pain can increase and the gum disease can spread out to other teeth, which can lead to more decay.

If your tooth isn’t very badly decayed, your dentist may just get rid of the decayed part and leave the remaining part in your mouth. They’ll then use a dental crown or a dental filling to cover it up. However, if the damage is extensive, your dentist may extract the tooth and replace it with an artificial tooth by using a dental implant.

This is a popular misconception. Thanks to technological advancements, root canals aren’t as painful as getting a dental filling, which is a painless procedure.

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